Monday, March 08, 2004

The gym that I go to is located pretty much right next door to the Knitting Factory, and when I first joined I thought that I would make a regular habit of catching shows after my workout. For various and sundry reasons this has never quite happened. Instead, my post-work out routine seems to be 1. stare at the chefs at 66 and wonder if they can see out or if it’s a one-way mirror 2. wonder if the food there is actually better than in Chinatown 3. get the veggie special at the Pakistan Teahouse 4. with a side of pakora vegetables (wow, Dragon Point and Speak just correctly identified “pakora.” I’m impressed.) and 5. head home to Brooklyn.

On Saturday, though, I did manage to take advantage of another local musical institution. I’ve been meaning to check out La Monte Young’s Dream House for months now, and I finally had the time on Saturday. There are lots of articles about this on the Internet, so I won’t go into too many details. I will say that it’s initially underwhelming, but (after ten minutes or so) it’s ultimately pretty amazing. The best aspects of it are 1. the experience of moving your head a tiny fraction of a fraction of an inch and having the sounds change completely, and 2. thinking that the sound is at a deafening volume and then snapping your fingers and realizing that it isn’t. I highly recommend that you go if you get the chance. When you first walk in, you'll be thinking "I just paid $4 for this?" so be sure to give it some time.

Afterwards I walked up to my favorite record store Rockit Scientist and learned the sad news that they’ll be moving to the East Village very soon. Damn, you just can’t escape St. Mark’s Place’s evil grasp. None of the new CDs on display really caught my eye, but I wanted to hear something new-to-me so I decided to take a chance on a couple CDs from the used section. And success! An album by a band called Green bore a sticker that read “fantastic Revolver styled pop album” and I decided to go for it. Does it sound much like Revolver? Not really, with one or two exceptions. But some of it, especially the more rocking parts, is really nice. Here’s my favorite track at this point, Green and here’s my second favorite song At The Time (which is kind of Revolver-ish).

It wasn’t easy to find out info about this album but I tracked down one particularly cool site here, and strangely enough it turns out that I already knew the reviewer from someplace else. In fact, he’s the person who originally advised me to buy that Daughters Of Albion album (which turned out to be fantastic advice).

The other song I’m posting today doesn’t really have anything to do with anything I’ve just said. A while ago when I did a feature on Ultra Vivid Scene and Crash I mentioned that Crash’s lead singer Mark Dumais had another band after Crash called Tangerine. I subsequently picked up a copy of their one CD (on Creation) and while it sounds nothing like Ultra Vivid Scene (not even a teeny bit…luckily I’d been warned) I find myself kind of liking it. It has the sound of 80s synth pop (it came out in 1990) and the three different band members each take a turn as vocalist. Things can sound very different depending on who’s singing…my favorite track thus far is the final song Do It. Luckily, the CD seems to go pretty cheaply used. I kind of recommended it if you can find a copy for a few bucks and want to hear something in a Bananarama/FunBoyThree/CultureClub/etc. style (there are probably better comparisons, but this is a genre that I'm only passingly familiar with).

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