Monday, March 01, 2004

After listening to the single What Happened To The Sands, I was all prepared to jump down the throat of any reviewer comparing the new EP by Detroit band Pas/Cal to Belle and Sebastian, since Pas/Cal are pretty clearly taking most of their tricks from the Lilys' playbook.

Luckily, before I made an ass of myself, I listened to the rest of the EP, and yes, there are times where this band sounds exactly, exactly, exactly like Belle & Sebastian. Like on the beginning of Poor Maude. Like, you could probably trick Belle & Sebastian into thinking it was themselves.

Still, I think the Lilys are a better comparison, since this is a case of a band taking a familiar sound and then doing strange things with it. As with the Lilys, most of the songs on this EP are trickily constructed and go off on little tangents that often go off on sub-tangents, and so on. Pas/Cal don't get quite as complicated with the song structures as Kurt Heasely can, and there is that B&S thing as a hook...I'm kind of hoping they'll do well with this.

On the off chance you don't know the Lilys well, here's Welfare Murder Plot, from a 7" called Which Studies The Past. This was the first indication that the band that once sounded like a poor man's My Bloody Valentine had turned into a prog Kinks.

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