Wednesday, February 25, 2004

With the Pixies apparently getting back together, I thought I'd do something Pixies inspired. Nemo were a band from Belgium, they pretty much define "Pixies inspired" and it's through pure luck that I know about them. I walked into a club called Brownies in New York City back in the early 90's and accidentally caught the latter part of their set (opening for someone else...I can't remember who). Here's the irritating part: they finished with an absolutely amazing fast was really incredible...high energy...catchy as hell...their geeky lead singer was playing/singing like there was no tomorrow. But all I can remember is what I just said. I have no idea what the song was called or what any of the lyrics were or even what it sounded like, therefore I'm never going to figure out what it was (unless someone who was also at the concert tells me, and the show wasn't exactly well-attended). Sure was great though! Here's I'm Sick and I'm Proud and here's Oh Ann from Nemo's pretty-darn-good debut CD Nemo. I actually went to a lot of trouble to get ahold of their follow-up Popmusics, but it's not nearly as good so I stopped following the band. Here's a website with more info.

Lint were a Boston-area supergroup of sorts, and I bought their debut CD Cold Scene for two reasons. One: someone at the record store had taped onto it a label that read "Swirlies!" and I was in the midst of an obsession with the Swirlies at this point. Two: the CD, in a bit of genius marketing, can also be played on a record player. Kind of. Basically, they managed to glue a CD-sized flexidisc onto the top of the CD so that (with the help of an included doohickey) you could fit the CD onto your turntable and play a short (bad) song. So clever!! It's held together for years too, which I didn't expect.

Surprisingly, the CD also holds up pretty well in a non-physical sense, though it starts to drag towards the end. Here's To Me (I love this despite the vocals on the chorus, which sound like the angriest twelve-year-old girl in the world has suddently entered the room) and here's Puppenstuben which features lead vocals by ex-Swirlie Seanna Carmody. Lint have another CD and a bunch of singles, but despite the fact that I'm somewhat fond of Cold Scene I've never felt a great need to own any more Lint.

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