Monday, February 02, 2004

Ok, today's post has to do with Damon Krukowski and Naomi Yang (the 2/3's of Galaxie 500 that aren't Luna) and it's kind of funny. Back in 1995 I got a promo copy for their album The Wondrous World of Damon & Naomi. I don't remember when I noticed this, but at some point I discovered that the word "Wondrous" or rather the "ondrous" part was on a sticker that had been stuck onto the CD. I peeled it off and discovered the horrible truth:

So, I'm guessing that some poor Sub Pop employee had to put a little sticker onto some unknown number of promo CDs - god (and Sub Pop) only knows how many. Yuck. I wonder if heads rolled. It's kind of the indie-rock version of the Beatles' Butcher cover!

After all that, The Wondrously Wonderful World of D&N is actually my least favorite album of theirs. My favorite is More Sad Hits and here's my favorite song Little Red Record Company. That long fade out ("And when the bubble breaks will we fall too far? Will we fall in place or will it move us on?") is one of the prettier things I've heard in my lifetime, and there are definitely days when I'm convinced that More Sad Hits is the best thing by any Galaxie 500 related band, possibly due to the production.

I'm of the generation/demographic that responds to the name "Kramer" by thinking of the guy who produced the above song. Here's David Bowie Wants Ideas by his old band Bongwater. I plan to do more of them in the future, when I get around to Slapp Happy, but in the meantime this is the song that's been making me smile of late. I really miss Bongwater...I can't think of any bands that really fill the niche that Kramer and Ann Magnuson left empty when they split. It is worth knowing, though, that some of Kramer's solo albums actually are pretty good, and sound a lot like Bongwater minus the monologues. Here's Strings, as an example. It's from his The Secret of Comedy CD.

Finally, I have a new favorite band. May I present Boyskout (I'm sure that they didn't become my favorite band because of their video or anything). Apparently they've moved to NY from the west coast...I see that they're playing at Under Acme this coming week. Hmmmm. Actually the idea of combining Sleater-Kinney with the Cure with Suicide Girls seems to be a reasonably good one. I did manage to listen to Back To Bed a few times without watching the video, and it's still a good song.

One last item. I'm saddened that I keep running into people who used to like Flying Saucer Attack who still aren't aware that there was a new David Pearce album in 2003 (not counting the live FSA CDR). I featured songs by Clear Horizon here last year. I see that this site has a great Clear Horizon song posted [thanks to hublog for the heads up]. This is a fantastic album that needs to get more exposure.

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