Thursday, February 12, 2004

The new Thou album I Like Girls In Russia can be streamed at Thou's website (especially good news because their CDs can be really hard to get ahold of if you don't live in Belgium).

I like to carry songs around with me on my iPod, so (in case you feel the same way) I'm posting two tracks from the album here today. First is the single I Won't Go To Nashville. At first I thought this was kind of simplistic, and it reminded me of the Raveonettes (really it's only the opening riff that sounds like them), but it's grown on me a lot.

Second is Kickin'. There are all sorts of weird roots-rock references on this album, but they're filtered through so much post-Blur guitar and electronics that the effect is pretty distinctively Thou. After a few listens, I'm liking this record a whole lot. I do wish the band's website was in English (or at least French, which I can sort of read.) Ok, what I really wish is that this band had a US label again. I'm looking at all of these singles on their website (that I'll probably never manage to find) and getting sad.

More Sammy: here's an alternate, very T. Rex-y sounding, version of Slim Style. The original is from Tales of Great Neck Glory, and it's about one of Jesse's co-workers from when he slung pizza in the East Village.

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