Wednesday, February 04, 2004

Laibach are probably best known for their cover versions, especially for their take on the Beatles' Let It Be album. Slightly less well known is their Sympathy For The Devil ep, which includes a whole bunch of different versions of the Rolling Stones song. A lot of these versions (much like the Let It Be album) are conceptually interesting, but kind of a drag to listen to.

One, though, works on all levels. Here's the "Who Killed The Kennedys" version. I won't make a claim for "better" but I definitely prefer this to the original. I think it has some of the best integration of samples/sounds that I've heard.

One of the more interesting surprises I've had was reading the Playboy interview with Norman Mailer from January of 1968 and finding out where a lot of the spoken bits come from. (There are more, but you get the idea.)

One thing I'm still wondering, though, is if the voices on the track are the actualy tape of the interview, or someone reading it. I've never seen Godard's movie Sympathy For The Devil, but I keep thinking that Laibach must have used something from that.

Blonde Redhead are getting a fair amount of press lately for their new album, and I wanted to do something relating to them today. Unfortunately, I don't have enough room to host my favorite song of theirs (Symphony Of Treble from Fake Can Be Just As Good which, by the way, doesn't sound like Sonic Youth) which would have gone nicely with the Sympathy/Devil theme. Instead here's the DNA song from which they get their name.

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