Tuesday, February 17, 2004

I'm still kind of sad to have had to let the Lisa Suckdog post go...

Anyway, today [actually tomorrow, but because of time-differences I'm running this on the 17th] is the day that BBC Wales is broadcasting a big Young Marble Giants themed fiesta. I'm still not clear on whether the band has new recordings that will be aired, but if you look here and here, you'll know pretty much everything that I know. (I'm not posting any YMG tracks here, as I assume that their fans already own their entire output. If you've never heard them, you may still have heard one of their songs as Courtney Love covered their Credit In The Straight World, and I'm assuming that most people have heard that.)

To honor this special occasion, I'm presenting several songs from the very Young Marble Giants-influenced band Confetti. (It's funny, when you actually play Confetti side-by-side with YMG, you notice that they're really very different. But the overall impression is that Confetti were cloned from YMG.) Here's Warm and here's Diet (an Au Pairs cover), both taken from a Vinyl Japan compilation that includes all the Confetti you could ever want or need.

And to honor the presenter, apparently Huw who used to sing for The Pooh Sticks, here's On Tape from his band's Peel Sessions. I hadn't heard this song when I first encountered the Teenage Gang Debs' (Bratmobile spin-off band) cover of it on a Teenbeat compilation, so I didn't really get the joke. Now I get it, so I'll explain it and ruin it. See, the original On Tape is about a guy who brags of having all sorts of obscure albums...on tape. Ha ha. So in the Teenage Gang Debs version, the first line goes (they changed the lyrics) "I've got Three Tea Breakfast..." And, see, that's funny because Three Tea Breakfast was a cassette only release by Beat Happening. Ha ha.

Ok, that's enough twee obscurity for one day. Maybe I should bring back Lisa Suckdog tomorrow!

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