Thursday, February 26, 2004

I feel like a kid who didn't do his homework today...I was up way too late last night as my wife and I allowed ourselves to get sucked into this evil thing. And now I have to run out.

I'm posting one song that I've been feeling the need to play over and over and over lately. I think I've mentioned that I do a lot of listening while running at the gym, and I'm finding that I prefer long, repetitive songs of a certain tempo these days as a result. Vibe Out! is by Unrest, and at this point I'd say it's my favorite song of theirs, partly because it combines a number of their sides (melodic vocal, instrumental, experimental) into one and partly because that long ending is more interesting than some of their other long/repetetive songs (I like their 30 minute plus Hydro, but while parts of it are great, other parts aren't). This version is from the English Cath Caroll CD single, which is a slightly less bright mix than the one that appears on the B.P.M. compilation. Same song, but I like it better with fuzzier edges.

I wanted to post some tracks from Unwound's Leaves Turn Inside You today (fluxblog features an alternate mix of one song from this album today) but 1. I don't have space and 2. I can't imagine anyone flipping over any one particular track, whereas the album as a whole is a wonderful thing. I may devote a day to CD#1 of this double album at some point. I'm hesitant because it's also not an album that people tend to like on first listen, and I'm not sure that mp3 blogs are the best place for things like that. I'm wondering, do you just listen to the songs I post on the spot or do you save them for later? I have to admit that, even with the best intentions, I often find myself listening to the first twenty seconds of other people's postings and thinking "naah" and that's it, which is a pretty dumb way to listen to new songs.

Anyway, sorry to be just posting one long song today with minimal info. But it is a great song. Double apologies for anyone who uses dial-up w/this site.

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