Wednesday, February 18, 2004

Fall covers...

... are almost always fun. Here are two cover versions of songs by The Fall. One is very, very faithful (Totally Wired by Monsterland...I like this a lot) and one is anything but (US 80s 90s by Dymaxion). I got the Monsterland song from this really great website. I haven't had a chance to listen to everything, but I love the layout and concept. I wish more people would do pages just like this for their favorite bands. The other Monsterland song that I like on first listen (you can get it from the other website) is Magazine which strikes me as what Superchunk would have sounded like if they'd liked the 3Ds more [as I think about it, I realize that they must have liked the 3Ds, since Merge issued the 3Ds in the US]. Note that Kurt Ralske (of Ultra Vivid Scene) produced Monsterland's one album.

The Dymaxion song comes from a CD that compiles almost everything they did. It's kind of hard to describe, but the Fall cover is actually not atypical. It all sort of sounds like the soundtrack to something, but the songs are pop-song length. I find it more interesting than pleasant, to be honest.

I realize that I've name-dropped the 3Ds a few times, so a song by them is probably in order. They were a New Zealand band who did an especially good job of mixing up various aspects of the local sounds, often with some neat, sloppy/artsy/feedbacky guitar work on top. Their strongest album is probably The Venus's the song Beautiful Things, which kind of shows off the band's melodic and squally side. It's slightly different from the album version, which has female lead vocals. I do wish they'd had better production, but it's good enough if you turn the volume up a little bit. [Listening to this, I'm not sure if it makes the best case for the band. I'm going to re-visit the 3Ds on a day when I can devote all of my space to them. Meanwhile, though, videos!]

Finally, a 3Ds related band, Look Blue Go Purple. Look Blue Go Purple included Denise Roughan who later joined the 3Ds. A reissue of the compilation of pretty much everything by LBGP came out not that long ago (a few years?) and it's really great stuff. There's strummy acoustic guitars and songwriting reminiscent of the Bats especially, but between the flute and the minor chords there's a more melancholy feel to most of their songs. Their "big hit" (at least on the college stations I used to listen to) was Cactus Cat, but I'm finding that the entire compilation holds up very well. Here's 100 Times, which has been my favorite song lately.

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