Wednesday, January 14, 2004

I was planning on featuring Enon today, but several events have led me to postpone that for a day. One, I'm in kind of a bad mood after reading this incredibly annoying NY Times article "Shocker: NJ Teens Sighted In NYC." Especially annoying because Adam Fucking Schlesinger, the condescending prick from the Fountains of Wayne, is now being quoted as some sort of expert on the yearnings of New Jerseyites. This on top of the fact that, coincidentally, I had watched That Thing You Do this weekend so as to discover why it's necessary for every single article on FoW to mention at some point that Adam wrote the title [typically crappy pastiche] track, thereby wasting several hours of my weekend. Just to put this in perspective, the other movie I watched this weekend was Shock Treatment, which had somehow escaped my notice for the last twenty-something years, and That Thing You Do made Shock Treatment seem like a brilliant masterpiece with a sing-along soundtrack. (By the way, that Shock Treatment website is kind of touching in a sad way. I wish its author luck in turning the tide against the Rocky Horror Picture Show, but he's got his work cut out for him.)

Anyway, three good things happened to make me forget all of that. One, my new turntable arrived in the mail without getting damaged. Two, I discovered yet another fabulous guitar-rawk band from Australia: Tumbleweed (who've been around for a while). And finally, a copy of Ghost's new album Hypnotic Underworld arrived in the mail. has a good write-up on Ghost, so I won't do a band history. Basically, Ghost do a variety of things: Pink Floyd, Krautrock, folk, folk-psych, ancient Japanese cave chants, etc. That sort of combination is hard to get a handle on in one day, but I've tried to listen to Hypnotic Underworld a bunch, and it this point I'm thinking that this is their best release yet. I'd quibble a bit with the track order: it starts with a couple of very space-jazzy instrumental tracks, before hitting Aramaic Barbarous Dawn, which you can hear on Drag City's site here.

There's nothing at all wrong with those first two songs, but I probably would have scheduled them later in the album. That aside, this is sounding like a classic to me. It's not, however, the kind of CD that really lends itself to a quick listen while you're sitting in the office. With that in mind, I'm posting only one track that I've ripped at a higher than usual resolution. I'm hoping you'll either listen to it on a good stereo or on headphones. But that's up to you. Here's my current favorite song Kiseichukan Nite. To me it sounds a little bit like a more organic version of Can's One More Night. I don't know what "Kiseichukan" means, but I wonder if there's any connection. [As I think about it, I'm guessing that "Kiseichukan" does not mean anything like "One More" and I probably shouldn't take wild guesses about the meaning of Japanese words just because a German band once employed a Japanese singer.]

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