Monday, January 12, 2004

Hmmm, the little blinking light that indicates that my broadband isn't working is temporarily not blinking, and I've managed to upload two songs. Hooray!

So, the Undertones. Presumably you know all about them, and if you don't you can read their history elsewhere. The band (minus their original lead singer Feargal Sharkey) reunited in 2003 and released an album called Get What You Need. You'd expect that such an after-the-fact effort would be a big mistake, but in fact it's pretty much on par with their first three albums. I'm not sure I know of another act that's taken such a long break and then managed to put out such a good reunion album. The fact that they reunited without their original lead singer, who had an extremely distinctive voice, makes this even more amazing.

Also unusual: the CD ends stronger than it begins, with the last four songs being especially great. Here's track number ten, Oh Please, and here's the final song Shut Down.

Anyway, what a nice surprise. The CD comes with a handful of bonus demos (none of which are life altering), a video, and assorted other doo-dads.

The cable company is due tomorrow to fix my broadband, so things are looking up for this week.

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