Friday, January 02, 2004

Eh, I felt the urge to restart today. I'm not going to post songs, but here's a link to a free ep by the Silly Pillows, a problematic band with a connection to Linda Smith (she's sung for them on occasion). Problematic because they feature some sporadically good 60's-derived songwriting, but they're so twee and nerdy and amateurish (all of which have gone more-or-less out of style since their heyday) that they can be kind of hard to deal with. Nonetheless, lead Pillow Jonathan Caws-Elwitt occasionally comes up with a chord progression that can't be argued with, and the ep contains at least one: the jangly I Remember Everything. For anyone interested in investigating further, I can recommend the songs When She Gets Home and Strangest of the Strange, but you might have to wade through some dross to get to them.

In related news, I wonder if people are aware that several issues of the great Caught In Flux and the related Writers Block are posted on the net now. I spent an awful lot of time listening to their author, Mike Appelstein, when he was a dj at a local college station. The zines make for a neat snapshot of indie-rock during the 90's. If anyone reading this knows Mike, please give him my heartfelt gratitude for introducing me to any number of great bands, and please beg him to get the rest of his CIF/WB issues up on the net.

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