Thursday, January 15, 2004

The day before yesterday I mentioned Enon, assuming that everyone knows what they sound like, but it doesn't seem overly cautious to post a couple songs of theirs. I wasn't a huge fan of their first album Believo, I've wasted some money on their vinyl singles, and last year's Hocus Pocus, while decent, broke no new ground, but their 2002 album High Society is wonderful. I'd also expect that any fan of Thou would be likely to enjoy Enon, and vice versa.

Here are some songs from High Society, showing the two sides (or at least the two main categories) of the Enon sound. First herky-jerky boy-rock with Pleasure and Privilege. Then girlectronica with Disposable Parts. And, finally, the two come together in Salty. I especially like the fact that they keep their songs short and to the'd think that a band with so many influences going on might be tempted to stretch things out, so I'm glad they resisted that impulse.

BTW, prior to Hocus Pocus, Enon released a CD EP called In This City, and you might be tempted to pass on it as it doesn't contain anything earth-shatteringly important songs. I'd suggest, though, that it's really, really worth getting for the videos that it includes. The one for the song In This City, in particular, is looks like a very high budget Japanese ad for cell phones or video games.

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