Monday, January 26, 2004

Continuing Friday's World of Skin feature

(I've checked the Swans discography a bunch of times, but if I got this wrong please let me know.)

So, as far as I can tell, the World of Skin album Ten Songs For Another World, which I love dearly, is only available in bits and pieces. Last Friday I posted a few songs that do appear (more-or-less) on the Various Failures collection which is still in print. Today are two songs that are only available on the original. First is I'll Go There, Take Me Home, which features hints of the old Swans sound peeking out around the edges of the acoustic guitar and Gira's tuneful singing. The other song is the album ending Mystery of Faith. Just as the first song on Ten Songs sounds like an intro, this one really strikes me as a "final song" as it repeats over and over during a long fade, with a vocal track persisting after the music has ended, followed by dogs barking. I used to have the vinyl of this, but I can't remember if the barking dogs was an infinite loop or not. If it wasn't, it really should have been. It also nicely echoes the album's cover photo.

Anyway, the point of all this was, sadly, to send people running for an out-of-print and (most likely) fairly expensive CD. Sorry about that. I know it's especially irritating given the existence of the Various Failures comp, but unfortunately I think Gira got it wrong by not reissuing the full album.

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