Thursday, December 11, 2003

This is a relatively new blog, so I thought I'd post a few things about me (there are some mp3s on this page, so don't despair). Here are the eleven albums that I probably play the most, just to give a broad idea of what I like. Clearly I went to college during the indie-rock glory years. This is in no order, and is only intended to help you decide if our tastes coincide at all.

1. Liz Phair by Liz Phair

I kid.

1. Cannibalism 1 by Can
2. Friends In Danger by Magic Dirt
3. 24 Days at Catastrofe Cafe by The Nightblooms
4. Tales of Great Neck Glory by Sammy
5. Interbabe Concern by The Loud Family
6. Struggling Electric and Chemical by The Dustdevils
7. Playing With Fire by Spacemen 3
8. The Real Great Escape by Larry Coryell
9. Ram by Paul McCartney
10. Sort Of by Slapp Happy
11. Feel Good Now by Swans

That should be enough to go on for now.

The band Television are in the news lately what with this being reissued and that being reissued and new releases of old live things. So I thought that today I'd feature bands with lead singers who sound kind of like Tom Verlaine. First is Earth Opera, who predate Television. They were on Elektra (by the way, good lord was Elektra ever a cool label at one point!) and released their first, self-titled album in 1968. This is my favorite song from it, Time and Again, which features a couple of neat guitar solos that I wish were mixed louder. I have a feeling it might be better in mono [hmmm...not sure if it was ever released in mono]. The CD version was put out by Wounded Bird Records in 2001.

Second up is a song that I went all obsessive over last year by Black Lipstick (yet another Black ----- band to remember) and it's called White Jazz. I think it steals pretty blatantly from Eno, VU, Pavement and Television, but I love it all the more for its brazenness. I keep trying to fall equally in love with their subsequent album Converted Thieves, but just can't work up the same level of enthusiasm.

Ever wonder what Stephin Merritt's favorite albums are? If I can get some graphics to work correctly, you'll find out tomorrow.

Trivia note at the end of the post: the Nightblooms album is "24 Days at Catastrofe..." not "Catastrophe" like has it. I mention this because allmusic also claims that the first Nightblooms album is live, which it isn't really (it was recorded live in the studio with backing vocals added later...just like billions of other albums). And I mention this because it's annoying because it makes it very hard to do google searches for actual live Nightblooms recordings (there's at least one that I know of). It's really amazing how pervasive mistakes can be now that everyone gets their info from the same one or two sources. Hopefully my blog will be perfect in every way, but I apologize now for anything I may screw up in the future.

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