Monday, December 01, 2003

Shack very quietly released an album this year called Here's Tom With The Weather. The story of the band is long and sad, and you can probably get most of the details on their website if you're interested. Initially I was underwhelmed by the CD, which is full of midtempo songs anchored by acoustic guitars. Over time, it's grown on me a lot, and seems to be the record I reach for when I want something soothing on a grey or rainy day. At first, the only track that stood out for me was Chinatown, which is (believe it or not) fairly uptempo, but I'm realizing that this is a deceptively strong record. Put it in shuffle mode with something livelier to break it up (like Shack's previous record H.M.S. Fable, for example) and you'll find that there's not a weak song on it.

This year also saw the release of the H.M.S. Fable Sessions, which apparently includes different mixes of the Fable tracks, as well as the exceptionally strong b-sides to that album's singles. I've held off buying it, as I've heard that it's very similar to the original and I had bought all the singles when they came out, but I'll probably get around to it at some point. Anyone who didn't buy the singles should definitely check it out, as you can construct a really strong full-length album from Fable's b-sides. Here's 24 Hours which appeared on the Comedy single.

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