Friday, December 05, 2003

I was going to do my "greatest hits" today, based on google searches that brought people to Mystical Beast. Unfortunately, I didn't have time to re-rip that US Maple song to mp3, and I couldn't find my tape of Gary Peacock and Paris Hilton (either there was a jazz concert at a hotel in France, or Paris is really getting around), so I'm postponing it till next week. In the meantime, here are two tracks from the long-delayed, due next year but don't hold your breath Joy Zipper album American Whip. (I wonder if it's finally coming out because Tabitha has run out of promo copies to sell on eBay.) First song is the best My Bloody Valentine song we're likely to hear in 2004, Baby You Should Know. Did I mention that Kevin Shields produced much of American Whip? Second song is the one that everyone's going to be talking about, though I heard that they had to change the backing tape of Alzheimers patients forgetting things. How sad/creepy that song is!!

So, remember when iPods were sort of new and people with white earphones would give nods of recognition to each other? I was on the subway yesterday, and it was totally packed. It stopped at Bergen Street and I felt this tapping on my shoulder, and thought someone wanted to get by. I looked up and this guy who was getting off the subway pointed to his earphones, one red and one blue, and gave me a smile and a thumbs up. For I too had the red and blue earphones that mark one as a happy etymotic customer. I will never turn this blog into an infomercial, but I tell you now that despite their ridiculous price, the etymotic earphones are the best money you will ever spend on a piece of audio equipment. Go to the site. Laugh at me for being foolish enough to spend that much on a stupid pair of earphones. But know that somewhere out there, there are other red/blue converts, and we have achieved a special joy that you will never know.

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