Monday, December 15, 2003

I spent today tearing down a plaster wall in my tenant's apartment, and I'm really tired and my back hurts, and I don't expect that I'll have the energy to get up early tomorrow and post. So I'm posting now. Here's Claudine Longet singing Wanderlove, which was written by Mason Williams. Her version is so much better than his that it's not even worth dwelling on the subject. I love this song because it sounds sad, and because it has a tricky meter, and I love songs that have tricky meters without screaming "I am in a tricky meter!"

My copy of Damon Albarn's "Democrazy" (I thought I'd canceled my order) (after finding out that it really stinks) arrived today, and you know what. It's utterly beautiful, with two perfect little 10" picture discs in this oddly designed gatefold sleeve. It looks fabulous on my shelf, which is where it's going to stay until I see it fetching millions on eBay (which will probably be never). In a strange way, I'm happy to own an object of such great beauty.

See you one Wednesday.

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