Thursday, December 04, 2003

I haven't yet found a complete explanation (other than being Canadian) for why Lilith Fair youngsters Tegan & Sara decided to hook up with a New Pornographers-related production team, but this decision has put me in the position of loving a decidedly uncool album. I think some "before and after" is in order. This is Tegan & Sara on their very first album Under Feet Like Ours performing Freedom (feel free not to listen to the whole song) and this is how they come roaring out of the box on If It Was You which was rereleased in the US in 2003 with one bonus track and some video stuff. I say, just paste Neko Case in there and you've got a New Pornographers song (albeit a slightly straightforward one).

This is also from the new album, and if that electric guitar and keyboards aren't a Brian Eno/Robert Fripp homage then I don't know what is. This CD sounds incredible on headphones...why don't the New Pornographers have such great sounding records???

Ok, granted Tegan (pronounced Tee-g'n) and Sara have a few remnants of their Ani DiFranco phase to lose, but they're still young. I'm honestly excited about what they could come up with if they continue in this new direction. And (more honesty) If It Was You is unexpectedly turning out to be one of my favorite CDs of 2003. Between the production and the sequencing (it's a very well sequenced record with a lot of variety) I'm having no problem dealing with the Ani tics that I don't like. (The video bonuses are actually pretty interesting as they include two home-movie type documentaries of some pretty shoestring budget tours...I was reminded of the punk documentary Another State of Mind a few times.)

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