Friday, November 14, 2003

Yesterday I featured Mick Ronson's version of the Annette Peacock song "I'm The One." Here's the original. I love Mick and all, but I have to admit that Annette's version just shreds his to pieces. It's from her debut release, also called "I'm The One" which came out on RCA, bringing her to the attention of labelmate David Bowie. This record (which isn't yet out on CD) is notable for featuring some very early use of a Moog synthesizer to modify vocals. Robert Moog (guess what he invented) gave an early model to Annette, and she made pretty cool use of it in the studio and live. And moogs were not exactly compact at the time.

I have two unimportant things to say on the subject of Annette. First: I met her at an in-store appearance a few years ago. I think she must have been in her fifties at the time, and I hope I won't offend anyone by mentioning that I was kind of taken by surprise by she is. Really. It was sort of astounding. I lent her my pen to use to sign autographs (I had brought a nice felt tip and all she had was a ball point, and after she signed my album I didn't need mine) and received just about the sexiest spoken "thank you" I've ever experienced.

Ahem. Ok, thing #2. It's always struck me as odd that Mick Ronson, who was poised to be MainMan's next star after David Bowie retired Ziggy Stardust (read about it in any Bowie history, but seriously, they really gave Mick some major publicity) decided to cover a song by this weird, out-there jazz figure. And it's not just one song. More tomorrow...

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