Sunday, November 02, 2003

Today is the final day of Mystical Beast's Dustdevils feature. I leave you with an alternate version of Throw The Bottle Full (the regular version appears on their final album, Struggling Electric and Chemical) and finally, the last track on Struggling Electric and Chemical which is called They Don't Sleep 8 Hours A Night. The Dustdevils released one single (Extant) after Struggling, and then broke up, but I've always felt that "They Don't Sleep..." would have been the best way to go out.

Mystical Beast will take a well deserved rest on Monday and then resume on Tuesday. While you wait, here's a joke to tell your friends (taken from the liner notes to Struggling Electric and Chemical). There was this sloth (right), wandering through the jungle. It got mugged by a bunch of snails. Police asked it later, what they looked like. Sloth said...'Don't know, all happened too fast.'

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