Monday, November 24, 2003

I'm going to try to stay away from ultra-current events, links to other blogs, etc., but I'm so overjoyed to learn that the funniest sitcom ever is finally coming out on DVD next year that I'll break my rule.

(I hate clicking on links when I don't know what I'm clicking. The funniest sitcom ever was News Radio.)

Today I'm posting something by a band called Mold...I think you'd have to call them no-hit wonders because they had one great song but it wasn't a hit. Not by a long shot. It's called Sonic Youth At Disney World and appeared on a four-song ep by the same name in 1994. Kramer of Bongwater fame produced it in his Noise New Jersey studio, and you can definitely hear the Bongwater influence. My favorite part comes at the end when the singer refers to Sonic Youth's drummer as "the drummer." I still think SY made a big mistake when they kept Steve Shelley, but that's a rant for another day. The only other song of interest on the Mold ep is called Bob Mould Hates Me, and it's not all that good, but has one cute line where they rhyme "said his belly was big" with "made him flip his wig." Ok, two cute lines: they also rhyme "drank his lemonade" with "made him play the piano parts from Zen Arcade." I bought one other Mold album after this, and it was terrible so I never bought anything else by them. I still have's one of those unsellable early 90's indie rock relics that no one wants.

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