Thursday, November 06, 2003

Hooray!! Joy Zipper news!! A new EP, The Stereo and God has appeared, and it looks to be a teaser for the release (finally) of American Whip. Just to bring people who don't know the band up-to-date quickly...Vinnie and Tabitha...Long Island...boyfriend girlfriend...he did drugs...she helped him stop...released 8-track demo as s/t "Joy Zipper" and made a little splash in the UK...druggy dream pop...great song "The Power of Alan Watts"...follow-up announced for release in early 2003...reviewed everywhere...never appeared...$$$ on eBay.

Ok, so finally things are looking good. I'll celebrate with a track from the last teaser ep they released months ago. This is called Absent Father. It's an AAC, so go out and get iTunes already. It's really great! The ep is also worth getting for the cute, lovey-dovey video of Vinnie and Tabitha cavorting by the seaside.

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