Saturday, November 01, 2003

The Dustdevils' first album Rhenyards Grin has an almost goth feel at times, and the recording quality isn’t the best. Still, there are some interesting things on it. This track is The Lost Divide, and you can sort of hear pieces of their future sound through the haze. Today I’m also posting one song from their first album for Matador Records, Geek Drip (which was Matador’s second ever release). Geek Drip is also flawed by bad sound, though this time it’s because someone lost the master tape and they had to use a cassette. The only track I really love on that album is this, which is actually a cover. It’s called Mobo Girls, and it's just a piledriving mass of guitar. (By the way, the original version appeared on a single by Hose that was Def Jam records' first release. Yes, that Def Jam.) Finally, I’m posting a rarity. The Freeze Whistle appears on Gutter Light, but this live version is from a really hard-to-find album called Rorschach Blot Test that came out in ’88. Tomorrow is the last day of this tribute. Trivia note: some copies of Rhenyards Grin came with a flexidisc of a cool song "Mother Shipton" that was later expanded on the Dropping Well EP into a really great noise-fest. Read more about the real Mother Shipton here. The Petrifying Well sounds pretty neat.

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