Monday, November 17, 2003

By "tomorrow" (in last Friday's post), I of course meant today, Monday. Just to finish up with Annette Peacock: Mick Ronson, as part of his bid to become the next David Bowie, chose to cover one of Annette's best songs ("I'm The One") on his solo debut. In addition, he did a just-about-exact copy of her neat re-working of "Love Me Tender." Sadly, Mick's bid for stardom failed. Still, on the b-side of the single from his second solo album, he performed yet another Annette Peacock song. I'm posting the two versions today. Here's Mick's "Seven Days" and here's Annette's "Seven Days."

While doing some very slight research for this I happened to notice that Annette Peacock is selling copies of two of her CDs through CD Baby. This is worth knowing, as most of her albums were released through her own Ironic label and can be pretty hard to find, nor are they likely to be re-released anytime soon, though you never know.

David Bowie paid a subtle homage to her on his Hours album, with the song "Something In The Air" which steals the chord progression and some of the moog noises from the end of "I'm The One." That aside, Annette's closest brush with mainstream fame came when her weird, incest-themed song "My Mama Never Taught Me How To Cook" appeared in the movie Chasing Amy. Unfortunately, the soundtrack for that was never released. Her website (under construction) is here, and seems to indicate that she's still working.

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