Monday, October 27, 2003

One of my favorite discoveries of this year is a group called The 88. I believe that they're named after a song by the French Kicks, but I don't know that this matters much. Very briefly, they're like the second coming of the Kinks. The good Kinks. The ones who recorded The Kinks Are the Village Green Preservation Society and Something Else. Ok, that's kind of a high mark to shoot for, and obviously The 88 aren't that good. But, their debut, self released album Kind of Light has at least three fantastic songs, and the rest is pretty darn strong. Not bad for a self released debut. Yesterday, I spent a very pleasant Sunday afternoon listening to the record, half dozing off, while playing with our new kitten, and it was one of those very happy moments. What I like best is that, while the Kinks influence is strong and obvious (the lead singer can do a perfect Ray Davies impression) they don't come off like a nostalgia band. There are also hints of Elliott Smith (RIP, sigh) and modern Britpop lurking around. Today's track is Elbow Blues, and it's an mp3.

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