Thursday, October 30, 2003

Dustdevils week continues, and chronology gets ignored today!
After the band broke up, the two main members separated. Guitarist Michael Duane moved to England and started a family (As best I can tell. He seems like a very sweet guy but also kind of an operator. I won't reveal any personal info, but I got the impression that he leads a complicated life). Meanwhile, singer Jaqi remained in the US, where she eventually hooked up with a couple ex-members of The Wedding Present and formed a new band called Cha Cha Cohen. This group released two great albums, both very Fall-influenced, both largely ignored by the public. Last I heard, she had married Keith Gregory (one of those ex-Wedding Present guys) and was living in Australia with no plans of any future musical projects. What a shame!! Today I'm posting one track from each of the Cha Cha Cohen albums. The first song is called Cool Slate and it's from their first, self titled album. The second is called to The Letter and it's from the follow-up "All Artists Are Criminals." Song number two really reminds me of something that the Fall might have put out in the last ten years or so.

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